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Oxford Punchneedle 1

Punch Needle Rug Hooking (the official term) is a fun and addictive fiber craft that uses a hollow needle tool and yarn (or fabric strips) to create a textured pile surface similar to a hooked rug. With just a few supplies, you can create any number of awesome things! 

As an illustrator, I found that it was the perfect craft for me. It's like painting with wool! Want to learn how to Punchneedle? Click on the links below to find upcoming workshops and some helpful tips and tricks that can get you started! 

Oxford Punchneedle 2


I got you covered. Click Below! 

Use the slider to see how I translate my illustrations to punchneedle! 

shapes 2

It's super easy to translate your designs/illlustrations to become punchneedle pieces! Simple shapes work best. Lots of fine details can get lost in the texture of the wool. 


Use the slider to see how I translated my 2D illustration of this little fox into an awesome 3D Punchneedle piece! 


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