Introducing (the coolest) Rugwool! This is WHITEOUT, a warm, bright white. It is conveniently wound into a center pull ball (so no tangles!).


Here are the deets:

-100% Pure Wool

-Mill Dyed in Canada

-4oz (+/-.2oz)

-85 yards

This yarn works great in your Regular punchneedles, or you can seperate the 4 ply into 2 strands and use it in your minis! It's pretty much the coolest. 

  • Please Note

    The color on your moniter may be slightly different from the actual wool color-but i've matched each yarn to a pantone color. If you'd like to see a color in person before purchasing, please email me. I'm happy to send you a swatch or the pantone number! 


    Also, please note that because this is a natural product, you may find pieces of straw/hay in the yarn. This is called "finding the farm".  You may also find knots, so please be aware of this when you're punching (knots can stop you in your tracks!). 

  • Need More?

    If you need a certain amount of a color that is not listed, please email me!  It's best to order the whole amount of a color at once, so you can be assured that the dye lot matches.

All images © Lindsay Gruetzmacher 2020

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